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101 Gifts For Boyfriends: Your Ultimate List

The perfect gift shows your boyfriend how much you care. You want something that feels personalized just for him and shows that you pay attention to his likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Below, discover unique, creative, and trendy gifts for boyfriends with our ultimate list. And if you don’t live close to each other, consider long distance relationship gifts that bridge the gap between you.

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How Do I Know How Big to Go?

There's always that weird middle spot where you're not sure if you've been together long enough for a bigger gift or if that will make it weird. The basic rule is if you're still measuring your anniversary in months, stick to something small and thoughtful instead of a huge splurge.

We've made a special effort to include lots of variety in this guide, so you can easily find something for that hard-to-shop-for guy. Our guide includes gifts in a range of budgets that are perfect for your long-term partner, as well as smaller gifts that are ideal for that guy you like but haven't been with for very long.

What Are Some Romantic Gift Ideas for Boyfriends?

If by romantic you mean risque, I've got plenty of ideas for sexy gifts to heat up your date nights. If you do go this route, make sure you also get him something else so he doesn't have to quickly lie when his mom asks what you got him for his birthday.

If you're talking more romance, most guys are less into the candlelight dinners and roses thing so romantic for him might be more along the lines of something that is deeply thoughtful. 

What Are Useful Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend? 

Useful gift ideas are things that are practical, solve problems that your boyfriend is currently deal with, or prevent problems in the future. 

I'm talking about things like this portable car starter and air compressor pack that can jumpstart a dead battery and reinflate a low tire.

What About Personalized Gifts for Your Boyfriend?

Having something made especially for him really shows forethought and that you spend time thinking about him. This can be anything from something classy like a Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set with his name etched on it to something absurdly silly like boxers covered in a hundred images of your face.

Can I Get Cute Gifts For My Boyfriend?

Of course. You know him better than anyone. If he's not a fish-finder-outdoorsy type, then don't get him that type of stuff. My partner wouldn't know a fishing weight from a lugnut and that's fine. 

Focus on what he'd into or if you know he's the type who would really love a little hedgehog stuff with a heart, then go for it. Life's too short to not enjoy the things we like because of other people's opinions.