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101 Best Cool Gifts For Girls in 2022

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for girls, you’ll always find exactly the right presents by thinking about their unique personalities and interests. Does your girl love unicorns and make-believe? Is your favorite girl into math, science, and exploring the outdoors? Does she love riding scooters, skateboards, and bikes – or is she simply in love with absolutely everything about life?

Find all of the best Christmas gifts for girls with our ultimate list below.

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Are You Looking for Unique Gifts for Girls?

Consider things that are unexpected and break boundaries; things that are considered atypical and unique. LEGO Architecture kits like this one of the Empire State Building will challenge them and develop critical thinking skills. The LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox teaches them coding skills and more.

One thing you might be looking to teach your girl is to be handier at accomplishing her own tasks around the house. This small tool set gives her a basic grasp of the most commonly used tools. If you give her a small workbench and some space in the shop or garage, you'll be amazed at how fast she progresses. And don't forget to establish good habits by getting her safety glasses.

Can You Find Useful Gifts for Girls That She'll Love?

Girls hitting the teen and tween years, can really use some self-esteem builders. We love Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Girls for Teen Girls and How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations to give them a regular boost of goodness.

Teaching girls to be responsible for their day can certainly seem like a chore, but you can make these life lessons more fun. Consider a wake up light clock to make mornings more pleasant, or give them a kickstart on their lifetime of fitness with a yoga set, their own dumbells or a fitness tracker.

What Are the Best Cool Gifts for Girls?

Giving your girl a way to make her space unique and fun is a great way to improve her sense of self. She'd like love a bean bag chair, lightbox, and some colorful LED candles to spiff up her space.

Teens and tweens are fashion conscious, so find some selections that amp up their wardrobe to help them feel strong and beautiful. Celebrate their burgeoning sense of self with this semi-snarky hoodie, or crop top.

Empowering jewelry can also give your girl a boost when the going gets tough. This necklace encourages her to be her best, while this bracelet is a reminder of her potential. We also like this bangle that pushes her to be fearless. Such good messages.

What Are the Most Unusual Gifts for Girls?

Tween and teen girls definitely have more stress these days. Help them with some stress busting toys like these squishy cats, or these hilarious squishy foods.

Skip the Barbie and get your teen some Dammit Dolls to help work out her frustrations. A Tibetan singing bowl can give her a fun and simple way to meditate. She might also enjoy these Empowering Cards for Meditation that simply give her thought-provoking questions to ponder and learn from.

For littler girls, we love games that teach them critical thinking and STEM skills. A couple of our favorites are Invasion of the Cow Snatchers and Laser Chess.

Gifts that involve girls in all the things you do are also great opportunities to increase bonding and build relationships. This kids' gardening kit will teach them about nurturing as well as where their food comes from. The Curious Chef Collection might spark their interest in helping with cooking duties, while this kids camping set will get them excited for your family adventures in the outdoors.

What Are the Best Gifts for Raising Socially Conscious Girls?

If you're shopping for a girl who isn't into traditionally "girly" stuff, consider gifts that will help her grow into a more socially conscious person. Kids are curious, so use those opportunities to facilitate teaching says Katie DuPere in her blog about tips for raising a socially aware child.

If your girl wants to know why you're recycling, share a video about plastic waste in the ocean and share how you're trying to reduce plastic waste. Consider getting her a set of her own reusable shopping bags for grocery store trips.

There are so many teachable moments that can make diversity, justice, and protecting the environment real for your girl. From available books, television, and other media to the kinds of conversations, purchases, and the way you live daily life, grasp every chance you can to raise a more aware future generation of women.