Editorial Guidelines

In Heavy’s quest to deliver accurate, timely, unbiased information, we’re guided by a set of policies and principles outlined below.


Heavy’s mission is, as the Society of Professional Journalists’ ethics code suggests, to seek the truth and report it. Reporters should strive to do so without fear or favor, and in the most clear, precise and transparent manner possible.

Heavy’s news coverage does not and should not convey a partisan or ideological bent. Our mission is to deliver the information free of editorialization or snark. Heavy does not publish news opinion pieces.

Reporters must not accept gifts, including but not limited to travel and lodging accommodations, from the subjects of their reporting.

Whenever possible, reporters should avoid reporting on topics when they have a conflict of interest. In the event that it’s unavoidable for a reporter to report on such a topic, Heavy will disclose the conflict in the article in question.

Heavy reporters should obtain information from original sources whenever possible. When citing information from other sources, reporters must clearly cite the sources they’re using, and hyperlink to the original source.

An article published to Heavy is a living document that must be updated as events unfold so that readers can consume the most updated, relevant information available, regardless of the original publication date of the article. If a reporter or editor makes material changes to an article beyond updating it as events unfold, Heavy will make note of the changes in the form of a correction or clarification.


Inclusiveness is at the heart of thinking and acting as journalists. The complex issues we face as a society require respect for different viewpoints. Race, class, generation, gender and geography all affect point of view. Reflecting these differences in our reporting leads to better, more nuanced stories and a better-informed community. We seek diverse voices in our management and reporting staff.


We strive for accuracy and transparency. If we get something wrong, we’ll correct whatever is wrong, and issue a correction notice at the bottom of the post in question. The correction will note what incorrect information was presented and how it has been corrected.

See a mistake? Email corrections@heavy.com.


Heavy Inc., founded in 1999 in New York City, is a private digital media company that operates Heavy.com and AhoraMismo.com. Its majority owner and CEO is Simon Assaad, one of the company’s co-founders. Heavy receives no funding from grants or outside investors.


See Heavy’s contact us page.


Heavy’s mission is to deliver news and information that people are looking for in a timely manner and an easy-to-digest format. We show our work, making it clear how we know what we know and where we found the information we’re presenting. Heavy covers a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on breaking news.


Heavy commits to do its best to publish accurate information across all of its content. We investigate claims with skepticism; question assumptions; challenge conventional wisdom; and seek to corroborate information with multiple sources. We stand by the information as accurate, and if it’s not, we will change it as quickly as possible and be transparent with our readers about the magnitude of the error.

We guide our journalists to ask the following questions when double-checking information in a quest for the truth.

· How do you know?
· How can you be sure?
· Where is the evidence?
· Who is the source, and how does the source know?
· What is the supporting documentation?

We welcome feedback from our readers.


Reporters must consider the motives of sources requesting anonymity. Anonymity must only be granted if the information in question cannot be obtained through another source. Reporters must consult with an editor before publishing information from an anonymous source. When granting anonymity to a source, reporters must explain why anonymity was granted.


We are committed to engaging with you and taking action based on your suggestions, complaints and other feedback.

Readers can email tips and story suggestions to tips@heavy.com. Readers with general feedback, questions, or concerns can contact Managing Editor Ben Doody at ben@heavy.com, and News Editor Tom Cleary at tom.cleary@heavy.com.