The Common Table

A platform for food futures and systemic change 

The global food system is broken. With The Common Table, we want to share stories and ideas about food from around the world from people who are searching for ways to fix it. Our goal is to understand how systems of production, distribution and consumption can be changed – and to help identify the people and projects forging ways towards a better, fairer food future.

As a mother-daughter creative duo living in Berlin, we have many years of experience in all things design, architecture – and food. Our home has always been a place where we have cooked and hosted many meals and fed heated discussions with wonderful guests. Now it’s time to extend our kitchen table and turn it into something bigger: a virtual workplace – a platform for change!

We are starting this platform by inviting as “dinner guests” people we love, people who inspire us, people we would like to know more about and people we believe should be heard. Together we will ask, share, gather, investigate and exchange with inspiring people we have met along the way during our creative careers, as well as new guests we can’t wait to invite to join us at our virtual table. 

Our first collaborator at The Common Table is the designer Neeraja Dhorde, currently based in Maharashtra province, Neeraja is the founder of Eatable Editions and a graphic designer with a focus on food, she has helped to build for us to start collecting and sharing content: setting the table, as it were, for further exchange. 

If you have inspiring stories or thoughts to share about changing the food system, feel free to reach out – we’d love to hear from you. All are welcome to a place at The Common Table. Email us at

Your hosts, 

Sophie & Orlando

Photo © Lena Giovanazzi