Donovan Mitchell Goes on Hilarious Rant About Guarding Mavs’ Kyrie Irving

Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives past Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving.

Getty Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives past Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving.

The offensive creativity of Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving is nearly unmatched. His ballhandling ability is consistently mentioned amongst the best in NBA history. Irving’s craftiness with the basketball makes him one of the league’s toughest players to try and slow down.

During a recent appearance on Theo Pinson’s “Run Your Race” podcast, Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell spoke to that point, labeling Irving as one of the two most difficult players in the NBA to try and defend, alongside Stephen Curry.

“It’s between Kai (Kyrie Irving) and Steph, bro,” Mitchell explained to Pinson. “Kyrie bro, motherf****** got counter upon counter upon counter. I’ve contested some of Kyrie’s jump shot, and we’ve locked hands, and that s***’s hit nothing but net. He is one of the most skilled basketball players to ever play this game. I swear.”

Irving was solid in his 20 appearances for the Mavericks, after joining the team at the trade deadline. He averaged 27.0 points, 6.0 assists, and 5.0 rebounds, while shooting 51.0% from the field and 39.2% from beyond the arc.

Phoenix Suns Remain Interested in Bringing in Kyrie Irving from Mavericks

Irving’s high skill level is one of the main reasons his name is consistently tossed around in rumors.

The newest of which emerged on June 9, when the Phoenix Suns reemerged as a possible destination for the 2016 NBA Champion. According to Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer, the Suns haven’t “abandoned the interest” that they had in Irving prior to the trade deadline.

“Let’s not forget Phoenix’s strong overtures to acquire Kyrie Irving — another key point guard of this offseason — before Brooklyn dealt the dazzling ball-handler to Dallas,” Fischer wrote. “The Suns backed off their pursuit of Irving and refocused on landing a bigger prize in Durant, but Phoenix officials haven’t just abandoned the interest they held in Irving four months ago.”

Phoenix’s increase in desire for Dallas’ star guard, resurged after reports of the front office looking to move on from Chris Paul. Though the Suns may see Irving as the successor to CP3, the Mavericks still have a heavy influence on Uncle Drew’s next move.

“That would require some cooperation from the Mavericks, who have so far signaled little willingness to entertain a possible sign-and-trade for Irving with the Lakers, sources said. Dallas, of course, hopes to retain Irving after mortgaging two key rotation pieces plus a 2029 first-round pick to acquire him,” Fischer reminded. “But if Irving were to call his shot out of town, perhaps the Mavericks would be more willing to work with a return that netted Paul as opposed to Los Angeles [Lakers] point guard D’Angelo Russell.”

Mavs’ Kyrie Irving is Sick of Rumors About His Next Move

Though NBA fans eat up all of the rumors and speculation during the offseason, Irving himself is not a fan.

He made that very clear during a recent Instagram Live stream, explaining that he wants fans to stop paying attention to all of the noise.

“I’m a free agent this summer, but I am in no rush to make a decision,” Irving said. “The speculation around my name from all these individuals that get on TV and have these personalities… When they speak on my name and they’re talking about potential teams that I’m going to, respectfully, I’m asking you to please stop paying attention to that. I am in no rush to make a decision.”

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